The beautiful images you see on our site didn’t materialise by magic. They were created by an incredible team at my first ever photo shoot in 2019. To give you an insight into how a photo shoot comes together, and what was involved in bringing you images of our wedding and party backdrops and props, I’m going to share some of the behind the scenes secrets of our shoot.


It Really is true when people say ‘what’s meant for you won’t go by you’. I met my wedding hire business & stylist coach Mikyla Silcott when I joined her facebook group. I watched her lives every chance I got and completed her online course. After that I knew I really wanted to work with her, and she didn’t hesitate when I reached out. We got started straight away.

I used Pinterest to create my first ever photo shoot mood board and absolutely loved the process. It was so much better than writing things down, and so easy for everyone involved to understand the look and feel. It also made organising the long list of fine details easier – being able to share visual representations of what I was looking for with other members of the team.

My mood board was full of grand and elegant lanterns filleds with flowers, urns and plinths, ivy covered spheres, trailing ivy, hydrangeas, topiary trees and balls, moss gardens, champagne flutes and macarons.

There were then lots of calls to discuss the decorative pieces required (from floral displays to picture frames). Some items were bought especially for the shoot and a couple were rented just for the day.


Looking back, I’m just so glad I had the right people around me that day, to help pull it off. It was such a team effort and an experience I’ll never forget.

Once the look and feel of the photo shoot had been confirmed the next decision was choosing a photographer. I had seen Ami Roberston in a few facebook lives and knew she had worked extensively with Mikyla, so it just seemed like the perfect fit.

Lucky for me, friends of mine own a beautiful wedding venue called Fishley Hall in Norfolk. They very kindly offered it to me for the day, just before the wedding season kicked off. I was beside myself with excitement. I went for a visit, before agreeing, and took lots of photos of various areas of the estate. These images went off to both the stylist and photographer so they could get an idea of the spaces available before the day (bearing in mind Mikyla is based in Essex and Ami in Kent).

Choosing my hair and makeup artist was a no brainer, I knew there was only one lady I wanted to hire, Kirstie Barton-Grimley. I’d hired her previously for my own wedding makeup and I absolutely loved the end result.

One of the hardest parts of the entire planning process was finding a day that everyone was available. It took approximately one week of phone calls back and forth just to secure a date.


Mikyla arrived the afternoon before the shoot and we packed up the vans. This helped ease the stress levels on the morning of the shoot (as well as a glass of champagne!).

On the day I woke up nervous but equally excited. I couldn’t believe that after two months of detailed planning the day was finally here…and to top it all off, the sun was shining!

1000- We arrived at the venue and unpacked the vans in various locations, at the photographers request. It took two hours to unpack all the backdrops and props.

1200 – Hair and make up.

1400 – Branding photos and lots of giggles.

1500 – Backdrops and props shoot commenced. From that point on we worked nonstop, trying to get as much content as possible.

2100 – We drove out of the estate and headed home.

Looking back, It’s all a bit of a blur to be honest (a bit like a wedding day – so much crammed into one day and everyone wanting a piece of you).

Mikyla ensured everyone stuck to the plan and that the feel of the shoot was consistent. She helped me to stay on track and kept things moving throughout the day. I would have been lost without her and her amazing husband!

We knew we had a lot to get done in a day so prioritised what to shoot first. We didn’t get time to style and photograph a few pieces, but at least the most important items were covered.

My girlfriends rallied round, assisting with lifting items between locations. The extra hands were a big help and looking back I realise I could have done with a few more!


I really wasn’t sure what to expect, in terms of timings for the day. I certainly didn’t expect it to take as long as it did. We were all exhausted at the end of the day and decided to leave the unpacking until the next morning. I don’t think I’ve ever fallen asleep so quickly.

I learnt so much, just after that one shoot day. Not just about how it all went but about how certain aspects of my business may or may not work. It was a valuable insight which I’ve used since to refine ideas when finalising my business services and processes. I also learnt that no matter how ready you think you are, you should always be prepared for the unexpected!

Photo Credit The Woman And The wolf