The Story of Our Wedding Backdrops and Props – Part One

Searching for elegant decor, to give your wedding or party a unique wow factor, can feel like a thankless task. Memories that last a lifetime aren’t created from standard or everyday items and bringing your vision to life needs quality made pieces as unique as you. At Endless Story we’re proud to have created a collection far from mainstream. Many of our wedding (and party) backdrops and props have their own story to tell, and today I want to share a few.

Giant Lanterns

For years I’ve had a small lantern sat in my hallway at home, and for just as long I’ve dreamt how amazing it would look on a much larger scale. Fast forward to the moment I started down the Endless Story path and I knew I needed to make the idea a reality.
I researched specialist and bespoke carpenters, and drove around for miles visiting various companies, but no one was interested in the project. In fact, they all looked at me like I was mad!

I didn’t let it stop me – I kept researching, and one day I struck gold. I found a company specialising in theatre and movie sets, as well as props and artwork. The owner was incredible. He seemed genuinely interested in my ideas and we instantly clicked.
He created the giant lanterns for us, based on the little one in my hallway, with the help of his talented team. They have since gone on to make numerous other pieces for our collection.

A Picture of Green

I love floral wedding backdrops, and in recent years they have become increasingly popular. However, with so many companies offering floral walls, I wanted Endless Story to offer something with an alternative twist.

My favourite luxury homeware store was closing down, so I popped in to take a look. I managed to find this frame, as well as a few other pieces, being sold at a bargain price.

I then invested in enough artificial stems to create an ‘English hedgerow’ style piece. The foliage climbs out of the frame – feeling wild and natural. It’s perfect for an elegant and unusual backdrop. I included lamb’s ear, eucalyptus, hops, seeded eucalyptus and small, wild white flowers.
The possibilities are endless with this piece, and that really excites me. You can make it your own by adding a variety of decorations and colour – from berries to ivy, butterflies to fairy lights, even lettering or smaller frames.

A Grand Capital Affair

I’ve always been obsessed with all things grand and elegant; especially old listed buildings, churches, and heritage sites, their wonderful details and the history they hold. I’ve taken so many pictures of buildings during my travels (as a flight attendant for 25 years).

One day I was admiring a building in a European city, noticing how the capitals were supporting the roof structure. I started to see them everywhere and came to love all the different styles used in architecture.
I then saw a photo of a shoot at Aynhoe Park and that’s when the idea popped into my head – to create something old and classic in style…something really unusual. So, I designed a backdrop (my favourite so far) called ‘A Grand Capital Affair’.

It took me a while to decide on the right capital designs, as there are so many to choose from, but it was time well spent. I loved every second of the project – from the initial concept through to making my vision a reality.

I’m so excited about this piece, and all the possibilities for decoration. It gives me butterflies just looking at it!

I will share more stories of our wedding backdrops and props soon. So much time and love has gone into sourcing the right pieces for you and adding bespoke Endless Story touches to make the collection truly unique. I just wish some of this had been available when I got married back in 2013. In fact, I’d love to get married again…to the same guy of course!

If you would like to find out more about our collection, or how we can help create your wedding or party vision, we would love to hear from you.