Time for the second part in the story of our wedding backdrops and props. Today I’m talking about an almost impossible search that ended up blowing me away, and a labour of LOVE that’s now the envy of all my friends.



With a name like Langham Abbey you know this backdrop must have a story…

I first saw this image on the wall in the huge reception area of a mural and painting restoration company. I was immediately drawn to it and begged the lady to sell but she simply said ‘no’. It was too late though – the image had been imprinted in my mind and I wanted it!

Trying to find it on the internet was an interesting task. With no name or details to go on I was searching blind. Then, one day, I was on eBay searching for items for my stock collection when I stumbled accross a listing that caught my eye. I wasn’t interested in the actual item for sale, it was the object in the background that got my attention. The very same image I had been looking for! The seller used it as a backdrop to display his items for sale.

I acted quickly and messaged him. He informed me the piece was very badly damaged from years of sun exposure in his shop window. I didn’t care – I had to see it.

The next day, 25 miles down the road, I was standing at his premises in the front of the backdrop – trying not to show how ridiculously excited I was. Five minutes later and it was mine, for a complete bargain.

The story doesn’t end there however, as there was still the small mission of getting it restored. The thought ‘why on earth did you just buy that?’ went through my head many times.

I took it over to my prop-making guy, who has an artist on hand. Two weeks later and the piece was as good as new! We also designed a stand which was sprayed the same tones of sepia to elevate the image. This made it tall enough to use as the perfect wedding backdrop.

It’s one of those moments I will never forget. I was blown away by the end result and every time I sit in front of it I get lost in the artwork. We had so many options when it came to name this backdrop but, in the end it had to be ‘Langham Abbey’. After all, a girl can dream – can’t she?


Ever since the popular giant ‘LOVE’ letters graced our presence, I’ve had a bit of a love affair myself. I think they are just one of those things you either love or hate – and I very much adore them.

The majority you come across have giant lightbulbs or artificial flower heads, or they are made from topiary or just plain wood. Again, I wanted to try something new.

I found a set of DIY flatpack letters online. Unfortunately they weren’t the quality I’d envisaged and I ended up paying for help to finish them to a higher standard – but it was well worth it.

I’m a bit in love with all shades of dark blue – so the colour choice wasn’t too difficult. Then to pick the decoration. A while back I had seen a coaster decorated with feathers in a home accessories store & I loved the look. I ordered a few sample packs of feathers online to see the quality before committing to a bulk purchase (the letters are huge so I knew I would need a lot).

I decided on guinea fowl – which I later realised was a faux pas as I had to cut each feather in half in order to get the specific bit I wanted to glue. Thousands of feathers, two spray cans of glue, numerous stuck fingers and three month’s work later – they were done!

My friends thought I was a bit mad, but now the letters complete they all want to borrow them.

Searching for beautiful backdrops and props, with a unique twist doesn’t have to be hard. At Endless Story we’ve already sought out a collection of unusual and elegant pieces to help create your own wedding or event story. If you want to read more about our backdrops and props, then take a look at ‘The Story Of Our Backdrops And Props – Part One‘. Alternatively, get in contact and let’s chat.