Where Our ‘Endless Story’ Began

Six years ago (in 2013) I got married at the beautiful Brasteds (www.brasteds.co.uk) in Framingham Pigot, Norfolk. It took two years of meticulous planning to bring everything together. Back then props weren’t really a thing so finding the right items to enhance our day wasn’t easy.

I needed a table plan worthy of the venue. My girlfiend sent me an image of barn style doors, decorated with flowers. Each pane of glass represented a table, ready for guests’ names to be written. The doors were definitely ‘wow’…but I wanted wow in a different way – a more elegant, unique and ‘me’ way.

I scoured the internet for what seemed like weeks, looking for something similar (yet different). Eventually I came across an unusual shop selling upcycled pieces of old furniture from around the globe. I met with the owner who happened to be planning a trip to some French reclamation sites and auctions. We discussed my vision and off she went.

A few months later she sent pictures of the various items she had acquired. The moment I saw her purchase I just knew I had to have it. An original set of windows, with all the metal work still intact, from a recently demolished chateau. The shop owner had visited the site specifically with me in mind.

We considered painting them but, decided they looked better left in their original state. Their history visible from endless layers of paint. Another of my wonderful friends, who created the artwork for our stationery, then added the calligraphy names of our guests…et voila!

Our venue planner commented how everyone instantly fell in love with them. Then friends and family kept telling me I needed to do something with my passion. It wasn’t long before ideas of starting Endless Story bloomed.
Due to the emotional attachment, this piece may never be rented out. It currently stands against a wall in our spare bedroom, as a romantic reminder of our day. Visiting guests love it!